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With the objective of contributing to the continuous training of the workforce, the National System of Evaluation and Certification of Vocational Competencies, ChileValora, offers different training programs and certification opportunities to workers in our country.

On Wednesday, May 16, the certification ceremony was held inside of Minera Tres Valles for 21 workers from the company who completed professional development courses offered by the ChileValora System and its co-organizer, Corminco.

The disciplines from the professional development program were directed at workers from different production areas at Tres Valles. Certifications in practical tasks were carried out in the following categories: Underground Mine Worker, Mine Equipment Operator, Mechanic and Crushing Equipment Operator. Additionally, the administration area received training in the areas of tax reform, Excel, managing the English language, role analysis and personnel selection.

It should be noted that this important activity was attended by local authority figures, such as Marcos Silva, representative of SENCE in the Coquimbo Region, Carlos Lillo, representative of the mayor of Salamanca, Hugo Sanhueza and Sebastián Cortés, managers of Corminco, and Eduardo Reyes, Human Resources Manager at Minera Tres Valles.