Minera Tres Valles celebrated September’s Fiestas Patrias on site, sharing together typical Chilean food, dance, music, and traditional games.

September, the month of patriotism, gives an opportunity to the personnel of Minera Tres Valles to come together and celebrate the anniversary of Chile’s Independence. A special serenade opened the day’s festivities, followed by Cueca shows performed by both adults and children.

Tatiana Astudillo together with her daughter Carolina Navea (both proud Cueca performers in Salamanca) joined us with the steps of adult Cueca while the Julio Echeverria School of Chuchíñi delighted us with a performance from two young dancers who moved us with their charisma and talent.

Additionally, the music was not to be missed, Sebastián Cortés – Sustainability and Communications, Minera Tres Valles – sang three cuecas that were celebrated and danced to by the dancers.

After the music and dance, a typical game “pichanga” was set up for the workers, who enjoyed the activity immensely.

Awards and Acknowledgements ended the day, spotlighting the participation and collaboration of all who participated in the celebration. Once more, achieving the goal of coming together for a good time and providing our workers with extra motivation as they head back to work.

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