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Union Nº1, with new leadership recently elected: ST President, José Quintanilla, ST Secretary, Hector Quijanes, and ST Treasurer, Miguel Carmona, assumes this task with great enthusiasm, high spirits and commitment, striving to foremost achieve a harmonious relationship with Tres Valles.

Tres Valles’ Workers Union Association Nº1 was founded in March 2012 and since then has been continually advancing and learning to perform their important role as the representative for our processing plant employees in the areas of operation and administration.

Regarding his addition to the Union Nº1 team, Jose Quintanilla said: “Our first steps are to form an effective system and achieve good relations with the company, which will result in meaningful negotiations in which everyone wins, both the workers and the company.”

To this, Miguel Carmona added: “We know that this will require hard work and commitment in order to achieve a prosperous result, but we are all set to achieve this.”

Meanwhile, Hector Quijanes, who was reelected to his role as secretary, gave thanks to the people who considered him once more for the position: “For me it is the beginning of a second term. An important challenge for us to work through is forming a good team as a trade union in order to be able to do a good job with the company.”

On behalf of the company, Eduardo Reyes, Head of Human Resources, commented on the opportunities that are emerging for this new directory: “I am confident that working conscientiously and alongside the union will help us be able to achieve our goals for 2015 and 2016, in terms of higher labor productivity, in order to assure the well being of the people who work here at Tres Valles.”

Reyes added that the ultimate goal of these workshops is that the results are multidimensional and are seen reflected in the common good of all workers. They take place so that people can achieve a state of well-being in their daily work and receive the support of the company. At the same time, he expressed his congratulations for this new team: “To the new officers, I wish you all the success. I hope that your approaches enjoy great clarity and consistency, because in this way not only will the members of the union benefit but at the same time improvement initiatives can be replicated for all workers of Minera Tres Valles.