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The activity was part of a series of trips to mining sites located in the fourth region, which was organized as a field trip by the Geology of Mining course at the university.

On Wednesday, May 16, a group of 50 students studying geology from the Universidad of Concepción visited various parts of the Minera Tres Valles mining facilities. During their site tour, they visited the open-pit mine Don Gabriel and the ore processing plant that is located in Quilmenco; by the end of their trip, the students had been shown a complete view of the company’s production process.

Pedro Sanhueza, Mining Manager at Minera Tres Valles, and Rodrigo Lillo, Head of Geology, were in charge of guiding the visit to the Don Gabriel mine site in which they could explain the local geomorphology in a theoretical and practical way, as well as the exploitation plans and geological interpretation of the ore deposits at Minera Tres Valles.

Continuing the tour, both the Superintendent and Shift Manager of the plant, Ricardo Vergara and Juan Carlos Anch, were in charge of the final half of the visit for the students. It was an occasion in which they could learn about the crushing and leaching processes that ultimately lead to the production of high grade copper cathodes.

Abraham González, the leading professor of this visit, stressed that “this experience was very important for the students: they managed to witnesss and learn about the entire production process, from the extraction of ore from the mine until the final stage of producing cathodes, all of which is very enriching for the students and their professional education.