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Third year electronics students from the Multidisciplinary Public High School of Salamanca were given a guided tour of the mineral processing facilities at Minera Tres Valles.

On Tuesday the 9th and Wednesday the 10th of October, the first cohort of electronics students from the High School were given a tour of the electrical and process control systems of the plant facilities at Minera Tres Valles.

The tour was part of an ongoing partnership between the school and Minera Tres Valles; an initiative with the aim of generating support and connections for young technical professionals in the area.

Alex Cruz, the teacher who led the visit, emphasized that the tour “was very interesting and educational for the students. They were very happy with the experience, since they were able to see what they have been studying being applied in the real world. Students are exposed to careers in mining through these experiences because they learn about the important role of electronic systems in the industry.”

Cooperation between educational institutions and private companies can be extremely beneficial to student learning and professional development. Minera Tres Valles recognizes this in its effort to develop the professional capacity of the region.

For Ricardo Vergara, Plant Superintendent at Tres Valles, “our relationship with the students is very important because it demonstrates mining as a potential career path. Cooperation with educational institutions generates a virtuous cycle through these learning opportunities, providing local professionals with the skills and knowledge to help us grow in the future.