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The Tres Valles Foundation assisted in reconstructing the space in two phases.

On Saturday, May 26th, the new community center was inaugurated by the South Cárcamo Neighborhood Council in a massive and emotional ceremony. The facility was rebuilt after having suffered severe damage from the 8.3-magnitude earthquake in 2015.

Local authorities, leaders, neighbors and representatives of the Tres Valles Foundation attended the ceremony, all expressing their satisfaction in achieving this important milestone within the town of South Cárcamo.

Denis Cortés, Mayor of Illapel, stressed that “this project has been completed in a way that has made the most of available resources, all thanks to the tremendous effort made by local leaders and through the contribution of the Tres Valles Foundation. As a private initiative, they have had more freedom to work according to the needs of the community. This model has been successful due to maintaining a direct line of communication between the company and the neighbors, while implementing modest resources that has ultimately allowed this dream to come true.”

The new facility is a unique space for recreation and meetings for the neighboring community, who can now count on a solid, wide, comfortable and safe infrastructure for their diverse social activities.

The center was developed via a strategic alliance of different local figures, including the Illapel municipality, local residents and the Tres Valles Foundation, an organization that assisted the community in this project throughout its completion, ultimately contributing CLP$ 15,042,000.

The project was accomplished in two phases. The first, which was carried out between 2016 and 2017, involved the preparation of the architectural design and associated permits, a process that was supported by professionals from the local municipality. Additionally, the first stage included the bulk of the construction, ultimately building a total area of 180 mt². The second phase was completed in 2018 by finishing up the interior design of this facility.

For Sebastián Cortés, Sustainability Manager at Minera Tres Valles and Chairman of the Tres Valles Foundation, the completion of this center “is a good example of how the Tres Valles Foundation wants to work, aligning with the needs of the community while taking on a participatory and procedural approach based on the formation of strong relationships with everyone who takes part.”

María Tabilo, President of the South Cárcamo Neighborhood Council, acknowledged the contribution made by the Tres Valles Foundation while thanking the neighbors and the construction team for their effort and commitment in finishing the new South Cárcamo Community Center.