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On August 1st, 2023, the second annual training day focusing on retraining and applied exercises for the MTV emergency brigade was held.

This activity was carried out by two experts in emergency systems from the third-party company called “CONO-SER, Asesoría y Capacitación”, who twice a year will certify the quality of the training.

It should be noted that 16 brigade members participated in this activity, incorporating four new members, two of which, women. MTV would like to highlight the outstanding participation of those two new brigade members, who always showed great enthusiasm in carrying out the scheduled activities.

Congratulations on joining this important team!

On this occasion, the Conference was divided into three sections:

1.- Theoretical reinstruction and training regarding the emergency control systems.
2.- Retraining on fires control techniques.
3.- Applied fire extinguishing exercises and vehicle extrication of an injured operator.

These exercises allowed us to measure the response times of the brigade members and emergency team in an unforeseen event, evaluate emergency communications and the leadership of crew leaders, as well as their teamwork and collaboration amongst the members.

Finally, various activities will be carried out monthly with internal staff of the Company to reinforce and measure the response capabilities of our brigade members, which through a coordinated and well-directed plan will ensure a successful outcome in the case of emergency.