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Minera Tres Valles releases a new informational video, introducing the public to the new developments that the Research and Development team have been working on in the areas of metallurgy and the processing plant.

Using ore from both the Don Gabriel open pit mine and Papomono Underground mine, the team has been carrying out tests to see the effect that adding Sodium Chloride with the Sulfuric Acid in the agglomeration and copper-leaching stages has on the process.

Gradually, during the experimentation process, the team has graduated from small-scale tests to 1-meter column laboratory testing. Eventually the tests have reached industrial scale with 3-meter column experiments in the test area and 3-meter pad testing in the area of operations.

Throughout the entire process, the team of laboratory technicians and metallurgists has consistently seen positive results. Improvements include a higher metallurgical recovery, decreased sulfuric acid consumption and a shorter copper recovery cycle, which all lead to long-term benefits. A longer Life of Mine and a higher NPV are just a couple of ways that the implementation of this technology could improve the company. Watch the video below to learn more!