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Wednesday March 16, professionals from Mutual de Seguridad visited Tres Valles in order to give a Prevention Workshop on “The Investigation of Incidents and Accidents” to the workers at Tres Valles. Arturo Díaz, Manager of Clients IV Region, and Enrique Aguilera, Expert in Risk Prevention, presented different ways to carry out an investigation, step by step, when an incident or accident occurs. More than 20 employees from Tres Valles attended the daylong workshop.

Angelo Rojas, Head of Safety and Occupational Health at Tres Valles, organized the workshop as part of a commitment to our Joint Committee: “The accident investigation course is part of a requirement fulfillment for the Joint Committee on Safety and Hygiene, who during a meeting in January asked the Department of Safety and Occupational Health to carry out this workshop for the people working at Tres Valles.”

On behalf of the Joint Committee, Rosa Maturana Bugueño, Joint Committee Secretary, explained: “To me, this workshop was informative and entertaining. Without a doubt, it is a huge contribution to our Joint Committee, on which I have served for 4 months. For the Committee, this workshop was fundamental since one of our functions at the company is the investigation of accidents with the final goal of determining causes and how to prevent them in the future.”

Workshops like these are important in order to enrich the knowledge of all of our workers. As Domingo Mora, Asset Security at Minera Tres Valles, commented: “The topic of the workshop has a special importance and relevance for all of the employees of the company, it is a clear way to prevent accidents and educate.” Especially for work-related accidents, it is important that everyone is familiar with the protocols and regulations of Law Nº 16.744 “Law on Professional Work Accidents and Sicknesses.