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The initiative includes technical and financial support for the development of the Raja de Manquehua – Poza Azul Nature Sanctuary.

Minera Tres Valles, a mining company located within the Farming Community of Chalinga, seeks to promote a constant and fluid dialogue with its surrounding communities. The agreement developed alongside the Farming Community of Chalinga during 2018 shows a collaborative work alliance under this very context.

The purpose of this agreement is to support the development of the Management Plan for the Raja de Manquehua-Poza Azul Nature Sanctuary, which consists of a protected area of 2,242 hectares that is home to a wide range of animal and plant species.

Through this agreement, Minera Tres Valles has committed to providing all technical and financial support for both the management and conservation of the natural wealth in this area. This project has been based on constant and direct communication with members of the farming community and specialized agencies that are in charge of the planning for the Sanctuary.

Regional Government Visit Raja de Manquehua Nature Sanctuary

Last Monday, June 25th, 2018, the Regional Intendant of Coquimbo, Lucía Pinto, along with the Regional Ministerial Secretaries of the Environment, National Assets, Regional and Administrative Development, and Women and Gender Equality, visited Salamanca’s first Nature Sanctuary.

The Intendant took the opportunity to deliver a document to Arturo Godoy, President of the Farming Community, that formally declares the sector of Raja de Manquehua- Poza Azul as a Nature Sanctuary, following its declaration in the Official Journal of the Republic of Chile on June 8th, 2018.