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In the weeks following the September 16th earthquake in the Coquimbo Region, Minera Tres Valles joined the spirit of support for the victims of the disaster. The company came together to provide direct help to Tres Valles workers in the most damaged areas, as well as to collaborate on campaigns aimed at the mining community of the IV region.

In order to contribute in the most efficient way, the human resources department conducted an internal register to identify the post-earthquake needs within the Tres Valles community. From there, the company provided contributions in order to be given out to the affected families. Baskets with essential items such as cleaning supplies and nonperishable food were prepared for some workers, while others, who suffered serious structural damage to their homes, were provided with building materials to contribute to the re-building of their houses.

In terms of general community support, Minera Tres Valles participated in the SEREMI de Minería de la región de Coquimbo’s campaign, “La Fuerza del Minero está con la Región de Coquimbo,” or “The Strength of Miners is with the Region of Coquimbo” in English.

Through the voluntary contribution of staff, from all areas of the company, Tres Valles gathered 7 boxes full of cleaning supplies and nonperishable food as contribution. These items were delivered to the SEREMI in La Serena last week, just two weeks after the earthquake. These boxes were then distributed to the most vulnerable families in the Coquimbo Region, particularly those that participate in small-scale mining in the area.

Thanks to the generous contributions from everyone at Tres Valles, we send our thoughts and support to the families of the IV region, wishing them courage and strength to continue getting back on their feet. Strength to the Coquimbo region!