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 Minera Tres Valles invites neighbors from the surrounding communities to come and verify that the protocols being used for blasting and dust emissions are valid and correctly performed.

On Tuesday, May 4th, Minera Tres Valles received visitors from the nearby communities to show an in-situ controlled blasting event, teaching the protocols required by the regulatory authorities to the community representatives and demonstrating correct compliance with current regulations by being totally transparent with our everyday operations.

The event took place in an environment of mutual respect and concern from both parties. Along with the Sustainability Manager and other managers from MTV, the following representatives were present: Viviana Varas, president of the Manquehua Community; Iris Astudillo, president of the El Señor de la Tierra Community; Fredy Rivera, president of the El Tebal community; and Wenceslao Layana, president of the Chalinga Agricultural Community.

They were able to confirm the following points:

  • Minera Tres Valles complies with the required protocols to perform blasts and it complies with the procedures necessary for lowering dust emissions, measuring these via established monitoring stations that record MP10 emissions and vibration levels. The Company has not surpassed regulatory limits in any of its recordings measured in past months.
  • There are 15 other mining operations in the Chalinga area, with no association to MTV.
  • MTV is committed to maintaining the current measures used for controlling the dust that is released from the Don Gabriel Mine and Manquehua road. These environmental actions were demonstrated, and the community representatives were satisfied with the results obtained.
  • It was agreed to keep the table open, continuing constructive, transparent and collaborative dialogue between the communities and MTV. This communication will be direct and immediate through WhatsApp groups, where items of common interest, such as the blasting schedule, will be previously notified.
  • The next activity that will be discussed with this panel will be the scheduling of the community inspection of MTV’s MP10 monitoring station, with a third-party specialist who will explain how the emissions are recorded. Likewise, an onsite inspection of the shock (vibrational) monitoring station will be performed by an expert, in order to verify and learn about the operational methodology used at this station.

Sergio Molina, Mining Manager at MTV, stressed that, “it is thanks to these opportunities to discuss and participate with the leaders of surrounding communities that give MTV the tools to understand and respond to the questions from our neighbors; this promotes a greater closeness with the Company, receiving reliable information from the source”


Minera Tres Valles is a medium-sized copper cathode producer, located in the town of Salamanca in the Choapa Province. It is 70% owned by the Canadian company, SRHI Inc., and 30% owned by the Chilean group, Vecchiola S.A.

Viviana Varas, President of the Manquehua Community, and Wenceslao Layala, President of the Chalinga Agricultural Community, share their observations during the tour

Miguel Fuentealba, Mine Plan Supervisor at MTV, explains the mine developing process to Iris Astudillo, President of the El Señor de la Tierra Community