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The objective of the activity was to raise awareness among workers of how to prevent accidents and occupational diseases. This had to do with the International Day for Safety and Health at Work, which is celebrated by the International Labor Organization (ILO) every April 28.

Minera Tres Valles esteems security as a fundamental value within its operations; through this doctrine, the company seeks to generate awareness on the importance of prevention and self-care. Tres Valles promotes awareness of occupational health and safety issues as one of its main action policies; in order to maintain this practice and commemorate the International Day of Safety and Health at Work, the company developed a fair presenting exhibitors who gave out interesting information to attendees regarding maintaining a job without risk.

The “Health and Safety at Work Fair”, held on April 25 and 26, included the participation of experts in personal protection and industrial safety elements such as Garmendia and its suppliers Ansel, Acetogem, MSA and Sunwork. Mutual de Seguridad was also part of this initiative by providing supporting material that focused on the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases.

During the activity, Pedro Sanhueza (Mining Manager) and Sebastián Cortés (Sustainability Manager) reflected on the importance of fully safeguarding Tres Valles; and at the same time, they made a call to the workers in order to promote adopting responsible and respectful behaviors that protect their health and environment.