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The tradition commemorates throughout August the workers who are a part of the mining industry in Chile.

In order to express gratitude for the effort and dedication of its employees, Tres Valles held a celebratory dinner on Tuesday, August 28, concluding the celebratory month of the miner.

On this occasion, recognition was given to 6 outstanding employees from the operational areas of the plant, mine and administration, along with the award for responsibility, and 10 years of experience within the company. The General Manager of Minera Tres Valles, Luis Vega Muñoz, thanked the representatives of the contracting companies and collaborating organizations for their participation and highlighted the daily commitment of each employee.

Celebration of San Lorenzo

On August 14, the mining community of Tres Valles commemorated its patron; San Lorenzo, in an emotional mass held at the new facilities of El Canelo. During the ceremony, the employees dedicated their work to the saint through the blessing of a new image; a figure donated by the contractor TIEx to be placed inside the facilities.

San Lorenzo, considered patron saint of the miners, was a Spanish priest in charge of the administration of church property. It is said that the Roman Emperor Valerian asked Lorenzo for the treasures of the Catholic Church. He responded to this mandate by gathering the poor, elderly and sick, and presenting them before Valerian as the most precious treasures of the church.

Faced with this disobedience, the emperor condemned the priest to death by burning on August 10. Although it is still unclear why San Lorenzo is named as the protector of mining, many relate the action of burying the treasures of precious metals belonging to the church with the work that the miners perform daily.