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The Minera Tres Valles COVID-19 Vaccination Program sets out to protect the health of its direct employees and contractors by increasing the accessibility to preventative vaccines, while also aiming to ensure operational continuity. The Program was developed by the Company, in conjunction with the Ministry of Mining, Ministry of Health and the Regional Mining Secretary of Coquimbo.

This on-site initiative benefits direct employees and those of Minera Tres Valles’ Contractors; and it is part of the vaccination program and calendar developed by the government to control the pandemic. Carrying out this program at the mine, in addition to being a support to the Company, makes it possible to relieve the vaccination sites that are open to the surrounding communities.

The activity began on March 31st, providing vaccinations every Wednesday for all of Minera Tres Valles’ workers, with 91 direct employees and 114 contractors having now received both doses of the vaccine.

“This figure increases weekly thanks to the successful vaccination program we are carrying out in conjunction with the Ministry of Mining, the Ministry of Health and the Regional Mining Secretary of Coquimbo. Safeguarding our health is everyone’s job, and these types of actions are very positive for maintaining operational continuity; at the same time, we ensure the health of our entire workforce, which is ultimately the most important thing,” stated Luis Vega, CEO of Minera Tres Valles.

Emilio Lazo, the Regional Mining Secretary of Coquimbo, was present at this week’s event, commenting that “this activity is held weekly in different mining companies that participate in the regional vaccination program, which is governed and subject to the calendar and criteria established by the Ministry of Health.  As the Ministry of Mining, together with the mining companies, we have been carrying out a very specific and coordinated task, focusing on health, taking care of our mining family, and maintaining operational continuity”.

This on-site COVID-19 Vaccination Program will keep going until all the workers who want to join the initiative are covered, according to the corresponding calendar and age group. “At Minera Tres Valles, we are committed to providing vaccines to 100% of our direct employees and contracted workers who are interested in getting vaccinated. As a company, we look after our well-being and that of the entire community, so we will promote this internal vaccination campaign against COVID-19 for as long as it is necessary,” Luis Vega concluded.

Covid-19 Vaccination event