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This 10th of August, Miner’s Day celebrations at Minera Tres Valles were especially important: 2016 marked the first time that Tres Valles, under the control of the Vecchiola Group, celebrated Miner’s Day with active mining operations at the on site mines.

For this reason, a celebration was necessary more than ever to provide entertainment to all the employees here at Tres Valles. Workers from Minera Tres Valles and contracted companies came together to enjoy a Miner’s Day lunch. There everyone enjoyed a special menu, festive decorations and special attention, creating an optimistic and joyous atmosphere. During this extended break from the long workday, attendees also enjoyed a commemorative Tres Valles cake, live singing, karaoke, and prizes from our associates Caja Los Andes and Mutual de Seguridad.

The First Miner’s Day at Papomono

Joyful and proud, our miners were able to celebrate their day on their own terrain, while simultaneously the important day was celebrated in Quilmenco. Our mining team had a special lunch at the Portal Norte offices led by Mine Superintendent, José Bahamondes, with support from our management team: Mario Valdés and Luis Vega.

The lunch, with a menu special for the occasion and a commemorative cake, was enhanced with original songs of Mexico sung by an Ana Gabriel impersonator. Even our very own miners were able to take some time singing alongside her and displaying their musical talents. Between applause and laughter, the miners returned to their work day with gifts from Caja Los Andes and Mutual de Seguridad, but most importantly full of good spirits and motivation.

For Minera Tres Valles this celebration represents immense satisfaction: “We feel happy to be able to celebrate our workers and give them these small yet important moments of joy. Miner’s Day gives us the occasion to recognize the importance of our workers, and for us, celebration is our most sincere gesture of appreciation to the hard work and commitment of our team, “said Eduardo Reyes, head of HR at Minera Tres Valles.

Minera Tres Valles shows off their voices

Pablo Chavez, from the area of Supply and Contracts at Tres Valles, shared with his colleagues a talent that, before then, he only occasionally showed and that is a family affair. With a great voice and strong will, accompanied by the voice of his wife Valeria Coo, Pablo delighted everyone with songs that brought to life the celebration in Quilmenco and filled the air with excitement and enthusiasm. In response to this special show, fellow colleagues at Tres Valles showed their enjoyment with their congratulations and thanks.

“I am happy to have been able to show and share my voice with my coworkers. This has been a passion of mine all my life, and it was such a satisfying challenge to stand before this audience, especially for this celebration and in this environment. Being able to participate in Miner’s Day fills me with pleasure; I love to think that I was able to bring joy to my colleagues and that everyone had a great time,” said Pablo Chavez, after his performance.

A huge hug to all who are a part of Minera Tres Valles. To our workers who are everyday running operations to those who handle the details behind the scenes, this celebration shows our heartfelt thanks to honor commitment and dedication.

Even during the current state of the mining industry, Minera Tres Valles is filled with new optimism and momentum to continue working to achieve an increasingly productive, prosperous and sustainable operation over time.

VIVA Team Minera Tres Valles!