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In a ceremony held in the “Plaza de la Diversidad” of the plant facilities of Minera Tres Valles, our employees initiated the national celebrations commemorating the independence of our country.

September is a month to celebrate; during the national holidays every corner of our country is dyed white, blue and red to commemorate the first National Government Meeting, a milestone that marked the beginning of the process of independence from the Spanish crown.

At Minera Tres Valles we wanted to celebrate this anniversary in the best way possible, which is why together with our employees and educational partners we held a ceremony in the “Plaza de la Diversidad” of the Quilmenco sector.

The ceremony included the emblems of our country: the flag and the national anthem and was enlivened by the folk group of the Julio Echavarría School of Chuchiñí, who presented our national dance, the cueca.