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Together with workers and local authorities, Minera Tres Valles celebrated the 222nd anniversary of the national independence of the Republic of Chile.


In an austere event, but with a lot of patriotism, our company commemorated the national holidays together with three marching bands from Salamanca, Chilean folk songs, and the national dance, the Cueca.

The marching bands from the San Sebastián, Corazón de Jesús and San Francisco de Asís schools were present with approximately 100 students. The children participated by playing with their bands to commemorate the national holidays in spirit at our offices located in Quilmenco.

Authorities from the Army, Police Officers, and the Chilean FBI, together with representatives from the local municipalities, accompanied us in this emotional act, where workers who completed 10 years working at Minera Tres Valles were also recognized.

Along with local folk artists from Manquehua, we were accompanied by Misaldo Astudillo, director of the Manquehua School, who delighted us with his tunes.

The Cueca dance to the flag was performed by the shift manager of the SOMACOR security company, and the winner of the national Cueca contest, Leandro Gallegos.