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Monday August 29, 2016 Minera Tres Valles made official the naming of Luis Vega Muñoz as the new CEO of Minera Tres Valles, replacing Rafael Pérez de Arce Aguirre, who has moved on to dedicate himself entirely to the Board of Directors of the Vecchiola Group where he will oversee the management of not only Minera Tres Valles but also other companies of the group including Vecchiola S.A., Vecchiola Ingeniería y Construcción, Inversiones Vecchiola y Transportes y Grúas Vecchiola.

Luis Vega Muñoz previously held the positions of Deputy CEO for Minera Tres Valles and Manager of Strategy and Development for Vecchiola S.A.

With respect to his new role, Luis Vega commented: “Ever since Minera Tres Valles has been under the direction of the Vecchiola Group it has been a great challenge and a tremendous learning experience about the medium size mining industry. It has been a gradual process requiring flexibility, due to the difficult scenario that we currently face. I take on this new role with great commitment, energy and dedication, equivalent to the great responsibility that it entails.”

He added that: “Given the current industry conditions and Minera Tres Valles in the market, my efforts are even more committed to following the already clear and precise goals we are working towards, and maintaining our objective of increasing our production and our operational efficiency. Above all, having the full support of the entire Minera Tres Valles community to come together to fulfill the development and growth of our company and production goals is the best way to ensure that this project has a promising future.