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The National Miners Day celebration was jointly organized by Sonami and the Illapel Mining Association, having as special guests the Mining Minister, Baldo Prokuriça, and the Ministerial Regional Secretary, Roberto Vega.

By awarding the “San Lorenzo” prizes, the National Mining Society annually recognizes the players that produce a significant contribution to national mining activity. During 2019, this recognition was given to Minera Tres Valles for its contribution to promoting production in the region, through the optimization of processes and the building of a collaborative agreement with small-scale miners from the area.

The award was presented by Diego Hernández, president of Sonami, who highlighted the significance of delivering the San Lorenzo prizes to representatives of local small, medium and large scale mines. “The distinction awarded to Minera Tres Valles, as a medium-scale company, aims to highlight the absolute importance of this industry in Chile, for what it produces and exports, as well as for the contribution it makes in the places where it is located, as a creator of jobs and as a destination for local suppliers.”

As for the Minister of Mining, Baldo Prokuriça said that as a ministry “we wanted to celebrate Miners Day here in Illapel to award the people that are in different areas and levels of mining who give a better quality of life to many families, since without mining there is no prosperity, welfare or development.”

On this occasion, the Ministerial Regional Secretary of Mining, Roberto Vega, presented to Minera Tres Valles a distinction for “its contribution to small mining”, an effort that is based on promoting the supply chain through delivering shared extraction points, leasing mining rights and executing a purchasing agreement with local small-scale miners.

For Luis Vega, CEO of Minera Tres Valles, receiving “this recognition, as part of the celebration of San Lorenzo, fills us with pride as a Company, as we have strived to become a mining project with high standards in terms of operations, safety, sustainability, innovation, and the progression of our home turf. We appreciate this distinction that invites us to strengthen our current role in the territory and continue working for the development of the region and our country.”