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The relationship activities are part of the work agreement signed in 2017 by both entities.

During the day of Tuesday, August 28th, a group of 24 twelfth grade students of the extractive metallurgy specialty of the Liceo Politécnico Pablo Rodríguez Caviedes visited the facilities of Minera Tres Valles.

The tour contemplated the areas of plant and chemical-metallurgical laboratory, occasion in which students managed to visualize in a practical way the knowledge addressed in the classroom, as well as know the experience of professional practice.

The visit to the process plant was led by the Plant Superintendent, Ricardo Vergara, who showed the assistants the tasks of leaching by pads, solvent extraction and electro-winning in the company´s premises. Stefany Cortés, as a representative of the Superintendent of Metallurgy, Eduardo Hasan, led the laboratory tour, where professionals from the area showed the students the areas of chemical analysis and mineral sampling.

Along with the company´s premises visit, this first instance of work for the year 2018, contemplated a talk inside the premises of the technical high school, which was taught by the professional Ricardo Vergara. This instance of training allowed the students to theoretically and technically reinforce the process control developed by Minera Tres Valles.

Along with the presentation of the Plant Superintendent, the activity counted also with the testimony of Camila Cortés, administrative assistant of the company and former student of the extractive metallurgy career of the polytechnic school, who spoke of her experience working in the company since 2011 when she started her internship.