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With a clear sky and a feeling of great satisfaction in the air, the community of Cunlagua celebrated the opening of a project that, for all the residents of the town, is a vital necessity. Cunlagua’s Medical Center opened its expansion all thanks to the effort and the harmonious coordination between the community, the city of Salamanca and Fundación Tres Valles.

The event was moderated by the Mayor of Salamanca, Gerardo Rojas Escudero, and attended by county authorities, community representatives, Health Professionals from Cunlagua and community members, Sebastian Cortés, President of the Fundación Tres Valles Board of Directors, and Vice President, Luis Ossandón. All were there to participate in the inauguration and to share the feeling of satisfaction towards the completed projects.

“I am grateful and pleased to celebrate the finishing of a project such as this. It is something that fills us with pride and encourages us to continue working to carry out more projects in which the main objectives of our Foundation are met: support initiatives that promote participation and synergy among all members of the community, social, public and private organizations, and above all, projects that make an improvement in the lives of the people,” said Sebastian Cortés during the inauguration ceremony of the project.

Salamanca has developed a longstanding program aimed at improving Healthcare in the community, with which Fundación Tres Valles and Minera Tres Valles have joined forces in order to support the initiatives and expand medical centers and rural medical stations, increase accessibility to professionals by increasing staff, for general medicine as well as dental and eye care.

The mayor of Salamanca, Gerardo Rojas Escudero, highlighted the project as an important benefit to the community not just because it improves current medical care but also because it guarantees and facilitates the development and increase of healthcare support, and the incorporation of more and more healthcare rounds. In addition, he spoke of the cooperative and participatory process of the project and the effective integration of three organizations: “This comes from an idea that was developed between all parties in response to years of hard work. The proposal was discussed, developed, studied together, and handled under tolerant, consistent and direct treatment. What resulted is a proposal designed for the benefit of the people and the common good,” said the mayor.

In the words of Clementina Nuñez, Treasurer of the Cunlagua Medical Center Advisory Council: “It has been a project that required a lot of work and one where we have had many tasks to complete; this can be seen in all the details of the Cunlagua Medical Center expansion project. It has also taken a lot of effort and a long time knocking on doors, so today, we are very happy.”

To this, the treasurer said a few words for Fundación Tres Valles: “All we can give to them [the Foundation] is infinite thanks, because they have always strived to be in the community and to get to know the real needs of the people. They have made sure that they have close relationships and are always present in the valley, always showing strong character. We are really very happy. ”

For Fundación Tres Valles, the Cunlagua Medical Center Expansion represents another initiative that stands out for its results and its management. The cooperation and harmonization of contributions to achieve objectives, has once again managed to develop a project that meets a genuine need of the people and, in parallel, it has resulted in a real joint effort with balanced participation from the different parties and a combination of contributions both financial and volunteer, has allowed for the most successful result.