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On Thursday, November 10, 2022, the board of the Chalinga Agricultural Community visited Minera Tres Valles due to the upcoming renewal of the Easement held with them and to discuss the current state of the Company. The board of directors, led by its president Arturo Godoy, valued, and spoke highly of this activity; since they as an organization will soon have a meeting with their assembly where they will present the current relationship of Minera Tres Valles to the Community.


In the activity, Arturo Godoy said: “We needed this visit and together with all the community leaders we are happy to be able to work together and we are glad that every time there is a problem related to the interests of the community and the development of the project, the Company informs us, and we can solve it together through dialogue. That is what I think as well as my colleagues on the board”.

The Community’s rental easement covers a total of 188 hectares and must be renewed in 2024. Within the easement, the areas containing the Don Gabriel Pit, Papomono Mine, the mine to plant road are identified, all these areas were visited by the Community to verify the status of the easement.