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Cristóbal Aller

Sustainability Manager

Civil Engineer in Biotechnology with an emphasis in Environmental Studies from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

His early career was focused on research and development, mainly investigating how to perform early detection of red tides using recombinant DNA technologies. He later worked in the Sanction and Compliance Division of the Superintendency of the Environment for almost three years.

 He began his functions at Minera Tres Valles in October 2019, concentrating on environmental compliance, permitting processes and community relations.



Luis Vega Muñoz

CEO of Minera Tres Valles, has 23 years of professional experience in a variety of productive sectors, among them are mining, the distribution of petroleum, products, retail and defense.
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Rafael Pérez de Arce

VP of Corporate Relations at Tres Valles, holds more than 30 years of experience in the mining sector, leading him to be widely knowledgeable in terms of quality and efficiency in the field of project execution.
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Joe Phillips​

Joe Phillips is the COO of Minera Tres Valles.
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