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Minera Tres Valles is owned by two prominent partners, SRHI Inc. (70%) and the Vecchiola Group (30%). These two businesses complement one another by both promoting the development of the project in an efficient and sustainable manner with high operational standards.

The ore processing plant is in the Chuchiñí Valley in Quilmenco, which is located at a distance of 12 kilometers from the mines. The operations that exist in these three valleys give way to the name Minera Tres Valles.


Construction began in 2009, and continued throughout 2010, before starting operations in 2011. VALE was the only entity to own the Tres Valles project until 2013, which was when the Vecchiola group became the sole proprietor. Just 4 years later, in 2017, 70% of the company was acquired by SRHI Inc.

SRHI is a Canadian Company dedicated to investing in projects that are related to natural resources throughout the world.


Safety is a fundamental principle of our operation at Minera Tres Valles where we constantly aim to respect the lives of all those who are directly related to the project. We have therefore developed a management system that seeks to incorporate safety concepts in every aspect of the Company.

At Tres Valles, we ensure the active participation of our employees by working alongside the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) in order to strengthen their knowledge of safety material.

The JHSC at Minera Tres Valles develops preventative measures in the fields of safety management and occupational health. They even hold a gold category certification for their commitment to reinforcing our strong safety culture at the mine.

Human Care

The top priority at Minera Tres Valles is our people. We set our sights on hiring local workers, especially those coming from the surrounding communities.

This is evident as the majority of our workers are from the neighboring territory.


Tres Valles looks to promote employability skills through professional development and long-lasting relationships, which is shown by our very low turnover rate.


We also make sure to acknowledge our employees when their experiences show a strive for excellence at the workplace.

One of our priorities



Strong community relationships at Minera Tres Valles are based on maintaining an open and permanent dialogue in regard to generating mutually beneficial outcomes for everyone involved.


Caring for the environment is based on strictly complying with environmental legislation, continuously seeking out improvements in various processes and fully opening our operation to the outside community.


The Tres Valles Foundation is the institution by which Minera Tres Valles channels its social investment into the territory.


The Tres Valles project is located in the heart of three surrounding valleys named Chalinga, Chuchiñí and Cárcamo. The territory is characterized by its rich social and cultural heritage.


External Ore

Minera Tres Valles also buys ore from third parties

What is said about us


  • “Thanks to Minera Tres Valles, I have developed both personally and professionally”

    Nicoleth Lanas
    Nicoleth Lanas Risk Prevention Technician, Minera Tres Valles
  • “The work of Minera Tres Valles, through its charitable foundation, has enabled social development in the communities”

    Misaldo Astudillo
    Misaldo Astudillo Professor Unidocente Manquehua School
  • “From the beginning, Minera Tres Valles has supported small-scale mining activity in the region”

    Genaro Astudillo
    Genaro Astudillo Member of the Mining Association of Salamanca
  • “Minera Tres Valles possesses high-level professionals and a high standard of safety”

    Oleksii  Serevetnyk
    Oleksii Serevetnyk Maintenance Supervisor
  • “Being a part of Minera Tres Valles has been an enriching experience in every way imaginable”

    Cristian Pérez
    Cristian Pérez Mechanical Maintenance, Minera Tres Valles
  • “Thanks to the support from Minera Tres Valles, today we can sustain our livelihood as small-scale miners and put together a mining cooperative”

    Rubén Hernández
    Rubén Hernández San Lorenzo Union of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining, Salamanca

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